Visits to Washington, D.C.

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John Chwat has decades of experience in arranging for very precise and targeting meetings in the U.S. Congress, federal agencies, and departments for their clients. Whether it is a major, multi-billion dollar industry group with over 100 attendees for a typical “Day on Capitol Hill,” or a CEO and his Senior VP, the Firm pays attention to detail and proves successful outcomes from such visits.

The Chwat Group has special expertise in creating Days in Washington, DC down to the very smallest detail. The President of the Firm has been assisting visitors to Congress since 1971. The Firm and its staff have:   

  • Presents briefings for groups large and small during their Washington, DC visit; including understanding the legislative and budget proves, and how best to present their views and achieve objectives during the visit;
  • Contacts and arranges for individual staff meetings, both with elected officials and key decision-makers, rather than letting attendees “on their own” make these visits. Each issue is linked to the appropriate contact and explained in detail;
  • The Firm arranges for groups (or individuals) to have breakfasts, lunches, or dinners in Congressional “settings” in the Capitol or House/Senate office buildings. A typical group included over 85 attendees for a special evening dinner in the famous Senate “Mike Mansfield” Room on the second floor of the Capitol;
  • The Firm arranges for speakers at all events – Congressmen, Senators, Committee Staffs, and Administrative Officials linked to the interests and connections of the attendees. The Firm takes the time to brief the speaker prior to the event and follows up with staff afterwards;
  • The Firm arranges for special Congressional briefings of attendees by elected officials, or “tours” arranged by House or Senate Members for their constituents;
  • Prior to a Washington, DC visit, The Firm prepares specialized and customized materials on legislation, policy, or on the issues that are key to the visit, sends these materials out ahead of the visit and briefs staffs that will be visited by the clients, all in preparation for a successful stay in the Nation’s Capital.


A large foundation client wrote the following:

“Thanks for the preparation for my visit and your personal attention as we trekked the hallways of the great political puzzle palace, the US Congress. It was a real education and I am impressed by your knowledge and your attention to detail as we worked our way around…”