Confidential and Customized Research Projects

Confidential and Customized Research Projects 2017-03-31T16:12:17+00:00

Over the years, John Chwat has provided corporate and industry clients with specialized, custom designed research projects that have had economic, marketing, membership, and government relations implications beneficial to their goals and objectives.

A Selection of the Types of Reports Undertaken Include:   

  • An analysis of State and Federal legislation linked to specific security equipment standards and procurement requirements affecting manufacturers of biometric and closed circuit television surveillance;
  • Identification of non-traditional, minority and other retail outlets at the local and state level to bolster coalition building efforts by a major corporate product manufacturer;
  • A marketing analysis and survey of major U.S. metro centers, with business, economic, and political implications, for foreign small businesses seeking to establish North American operations;
  • A report for a segment of major U.S. construction industry outlining strategic planning to change the federal industry classification system of statistical analysis and marketing purposes; and

A survey of congressional legislation, actual federal grant applications, and an analysis of the impact the grants have had for a professional trade association in developing their public affairs programming.