Success in Representing Radio Communications Interests

Success in Representing Radio Communications Interests 2018-01-03T18:30:24+00:00

For several decades, John Chwat provided advocacy and government relations services to hundreds of thousands of amateur radio licensees in their priorities to preserve radio spectrum, avoid undue interference and initiate emergency communications to save lives and property. Presenting difficult radio spectrum, broadband over power lines, and other issues in clear and concise ways, he influenced Congressional Members and staffs on these telecommunications policies.

Some of the federal agencies impacted during his service included the

  • Federal Communications Commission
  • National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA),
  • Departments of Commerce
  • Department of Homeland Security.

SELECTED achievements and experience include the following CASE STUDIES:

  • When the US Congress and the Administration sought to increase regulatory FCC fees by $43M for ALL telecommunication groups, John Chwat worked with key Senate and House members and staff to insert a provision in a relevant legislative final Conference Report that struck the proposed fees for amateur radio licensees worth $3.78M annually. The exemption was repeated five years later against all odds in a final Public Law, signed by the President.
  • When the US House Homeland Security Committee sought to take away radio spectrum used by amateur radio licenses for auction and sale to the private sector, John Chwat targeted the top staff at the Committee and worked to eliminate the provision. Eliminating the provision, the Congressional effort tried to include it in bill as one of 122 amendments. Several key contacts made by John Chwat resulted in the radio spectrum being saved. It was not again listed for auction consideration in any legislation.