Short Term Association-Related Projects

Short Term Association-Related Projects 2017-03-31T16:11:33+00:00

John Chwat is an expert on Congressional process, legislative drafting, procedures, and tactics to influence successful legislative and policy campaigns, linking “history” to issues for achieving results, public relations projects and more…Four decades of experience that can be useful in the 2016-2017 transitional year for a New Congress and New Administration, a multi-Trillion Dollar Federal budget, end of year legislative maneuvering, omnibus or “CR” bills, and more…Four decades of leading trade and professional association government relations programs at both the State and Federal levels, access for visits to elected officials and government leaders, White House, domestic and foreign presentations on the inner working of and procedures to impact the US Congress and more…..

Some Ideas for consideration…

  • “Making Sense out of the Washington Mess: How Congress and the Administration Will Impact your Industry and a Look Ahead,” A presentation for Board of Directors, Membership, state chapters;
  • Coordinating a complete “Day on Capitol Hill” briefings, appointments, achievement—Federal or State Capitols;
  • Arranging for officers, Board Member, SME testimony before a Subcommittee or Committee of Congress;
  • Making key appointments with Government officials on a regulatory or policy issue, pre-meeting briefings and follow-up, developing “take away” objectives and targeting issue development;
  • Developing a grassroots approach to a government relations problem-creating a coalition building initiative with allied industries, outreach to groups, membership enhancement;
  • Lobbying support in either the House or Senate or pass a bill, an amendment or a policy “stuck” on one body or the other, “getting it done…”
  • Social setting for Executive Committee, Board members-“Dinner on Capitol Hill,” US Capitol Historical Society connection, speakers Congressional attendees.
  • A REPORT on any aspect of Congressional actions for a Board of Directors or Executive Committee, such as impact on federal agency funding allocations for the industry, changes in Committee and Subcommittee leadership and other issues.
  • Supplement present government relations staff or outside counsel with a seasoned, expert in legislative strategy and influence tactics.