Security and Law Enforcement Public Policy

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Since 1993, John Chwat has represented all sectors of the security industry, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, installers, and individual companies representing a wide group of products including electronic security, life safety alarms, locks, door and window hardware, CCTV, biometrics, and consulted on government relations for federal and state law enforcement groups.

A Record of Success

  • The Chwat Group has served as a “Washington office” for many industry groups and maintains a 50 state legislative monitoring and recording capability as well as over two decades of experience in lobbying the US Congress and state legislatures on behalf of the security industry.
  • The firm researched and prepared major security industry studies that have served as models within the security industry for 50 state licensing and regulation guides, CCTV and biometric applications in state and local governments.
  • Influenced a wide variety of state bills affecting their security industry clients during the state legislative sessions. The firm has extensive experience coordinating state and local industry groups to defeat legislation and pass bills.
  • The firm has represented their security industry clients in trade groups such as the Alarm Industry Communications Committee and many coalitions in Washington, DC. The firm has experience in presenting government relations programs in industry at national and state meetings including board of directors, executive committee, and industry groups.
  • The firm has drafted state and congressional legislation and secured passage of bills affecting the industry.

Representing and Consulting for Industry Leaders

A selected list of past and present clients within the security and law enforcement industry:

  • Electronic Security Association
  • Security Industry Association
  • Associated Locksmiths of America
  • Door and Hardware Institute
  • Southern States Police Benevolent Association
  • National Assistant US Attorneys Association
  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences