Federal & State Government Relations

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Federal Government Relations

John Chwat brings over 40 years of congressional experience to his clients.  The Chwat Group advises clients on moving legislation through the parliamentary “maze”, negotiation, and influencing the process. The Chwat  Group provides clients with specialized, custom designed research projects that help them achieve their goals within the federal legislative process.  We proudly work alongside the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on behalf of clients.

United States Congress:

  • Monitor and report on legislative activity in the United States Congress
  • Develop strategy and tactics to influence subcommittees, committees, House and Senate Leadership, legislators and staff
  • Consult on legislative drafting and the legislative process

Federal Departments and Agencies

  • Monitor and report on federal rules and regulations
  • Coordinate meetings with federal officials, and prepare presentation documents to influence the regulatory process
  • Experience in influencing the regulatory process and the interrelationship with legislation
  • Prepare testimony before federal agency hearings

State Government Relations

The Chwat Group is one of Washington’s most reputable firms with a vast experience in State-Government Relations.

State Legislatures:

  • Monitor and report on legislative activity in all 50 state legislatures
  • Develop strategy and tactics to influence committees, leadership and state legislators and staff
  • Register to lobby, where necessary, to influence the outcome of bills
  • Prepare testimony, position papers and other work products
  • Consulting on legislative drafting and the state legislative process

State Departments and Agencies:

  • Monitoring state rules and regulations, reporting on these initiatives
  • Coordinating meetings with state officials, preparing presentation documents and developing strategies
  • Expertise in state licensing and regulation of professions, influencing regulations and policies
  • Testimony before state agency hearings

State Activities:

  • For a variety of national trade and industry associations, worked with the state association and state chapters in their government relations objectives.
  • Attended and presented government relations programs at state board meetings, conventions, seminars, and other state capital events.
  • Developed for state and federal legislative purposes coalition building initiatives