Possible Short Term Projects

Possible Short Term Projects 2017-03-31T16:14:27+00:00


  • “Making Sense out of the Washington Mess: How Congress and the Administration Will Impact your Industry  and a Look Ahead,” A presentation for Board of Directors, Membership, state chapters;
  • Coordinating a “Day on Capitol Hill” for Members with individual appointments, pre-visit briefs and industry specific material presentations;
  • Arranging for officers or Board Member testimony before a Subcommittee or Committee of Congress; drafting testimony, briefings and follow-up actions;
  • Making key appointments with Government officials on a regulatory or policy issue, pre-meeting briefings and follow-up;
  • Review and counsel on government relations objectives recommending approaches, a legislative initiative for membership support the benefits the industry;
  • Briefings on one or two key issues, written materials, article preparation, issue impact;
  • Developing a grassroots approach to a government relations problem-creating a coalition building initiative with allied industries, outreach to groups, membership enhancement;
  • Lobbying support in either the House or Senate or pass a bill, an amendment or a policy “stuck” on one body or the other;
  • Social setting for Executive Committee, Board members-“Dinner on Capitol Hill,” US Capitol Historical Society connection, speakers Congressional attendees.
  • A REPORT on any aspect of Congressional actions for a Board of Directors or Executive Committee, such as impact on federal agency funding allocations for the industry, changes in Committee and Subcommittee leadership and other issues.