How to Obtain an Exclusive Seminar Designed for You

How to Obtain an Exclusive Seminar Designed for You 2017-03-31T18:54:39+00:00
The Chwat Group has provided exclusive,custom seminars on all aspects of Congressional and Government Relations to:
  • Foreign Embassies and foreign trade and government missions to the US;
  • Ministries of foreign governments in their country, including academic, and foreign affairs,military officials
  • US trade and professional associations, their Board of Directors, Committees and Annual convention gatherings
  • Industry groups presenting a “Day on Capitol Hill” for 50-200 attendees
  • Colleges and Universities
  • corporations, large and small
The Chwat Group can provide seminars and lectures to any group, anywhere on any subject relating to the US Congress, US government,the legislative and budget process, state legislatures and state governments, influencing public policies and a 45 year record of successes and actual project fulfillments as examples for the audience.


For more information on how to obtain a seminar designed for you, please contact us:

John Chwat

President, The Chwat Group

1423 Powhatan Street, Suite 1

Alexandria, VA 22314

Phone: 703-566-3805