Internships at The Chwat Group

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The Chwat Group is one of the only lobbying and public affairs firms in Washington, DC to provide a year round teaching and learning internship program for undergraduate and graduate students in colleges and universities.

Well over eight hundred students have been mentored by John Chwat during their internship program, and many have careers in public affairs, lobbying and the law. Interns in the firm represent universities from all over the United States and Canada.

John Chwat was selected in 1995 by the Washington Center as their ‘Agency Supervisor of the Year.’ The Washington Center represents over three hundred colleges and universities in the United States, and places interns each quarter in the Nation’s Capital.  John Chwat has supported intern placements at the Company’s offices for over three decades and has worked with the Washington Center since its creation in l971. Each semester, The Chwat Group hosts three to four interns, including summer placements, on fulfilling a very active and instructional experience.

What Interns say about their experience:

  • “I want to thank you for the opportunity to have interned at your Company. I can honestly tell you that I learned more this summer than I did in all my political science classes combined.”  
  • “I am thankful that I had the opportunity to work on meaningful projects while at the same time I gained valuable knowledge about the lobbying and legislative process.”  
  • “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn, and for establishing the friendly working atmosphere where I could do the type of work I enjoy.”  
  • “The opportunities you have afforded me are remarkable. You have made my life richer by helping to guide me as I embark on the rest of my life.”