Grassroots Coalition Development

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$775 Million A Year Saved For Corporate Client

  • A major defense contractor faced with a reduction in their annual ship building program engaged The Chwat Group to develop and manage a 22 state grassroots campaign to persuade Congress to reject the Department of Defense reduction plan targeting primary and secondary subcontractors. The program alerted Governors and local officials about the proposed reduction and the likely impact on state funding, employment, and potential revenue losses.
  • Protests from the grassroots movement convinced Congress to reject the DoD proposal and continue funding the clients over $775 million annual program.

80 year-old Federal Law Changed

  • Wholesaler and retailer trade associations engaged The Chwat Group to lead a coalition of industry and state regulators in the 50 states to change military policy on the purchase of beer, liquor, and wine products within the state in which the military installation was located.
  • Networking support with 34 Governors, state legislators, and others, this Coalition impacted both the Department of Defense Appropriations and Authorization bills and changed an 80-year old DoD procurement law. Legislation was enacted which resulted in the opening of a major multi-million dollar market for wholesale-distributor companies.

Fortune “100” Defended

  • A Fortune “100” corporation engaged The Chwat Group to assist in the expansion and development of a 50-state grassroots coalition building initiative which created thousands of stakeholders throughout the United States which were utilized for federal and state government affairs programs.

Trucking Industry Supported

  • Trucking Industry was impacted by a proposed U.S. Department of Transportation regulation on hours of operation and mandatory times of driving for truckers. These regulations would have cost the industry millions of dollars. The Chwat Group was engaged by the Trucking Industry to identify and incorporate in all 50-states coalition allies to oppose the regulations. The federal agency did not pursue the proposed regulations.