Expanding Sales and marketing Opportunities

Expanding Sales and marketing Opportunities 2017-03-31T16:12:27+00:00

The Chwat Group has utilized its connections and expertise on the legislative, budgetary and policy process in the U.S. Congress and government to assist a wide variety of corporate clients in their marketing objectives to the federal government, and to trade and professional associations based in the Washington, D.C. area representing industries.

The Firm has a history of interrelating federal agency and Department funding and policy missions with Congressional influence to achieve client sales and marketing objectives.

  • Targeted high-level officials within certain key federal agencies for presentations by their clients on the capabilities of their products. These regular visits and access to the “right” officials in Washington, D.C. resulted in successful  government sales;
  • The Firm presented a client R&D capability to selected Congressional decision-makers resulting in millions of dollars in funding opportunities for the client;
  • A corporate client sought to have a program funding line item increased by Congress to present the agency with additional opportunities for purchases. The firm raised the level of funding through Congressional support resulting in increased sales;
  • A variety of clients retained the firm to identify, report, and assist their company in targeting the right officials for marketing within the Defense Department. Contacts and visits arranged provided immediate access to the key procurement officials;
  • A corporation was provided $2M from the Congress through an agency “earmark that resulted in their product solving an environmental problem resulting in private sector interested in the technology and increased sales; and
  • Secured passage by Congress of legislation mandating the procurement of a client’s product over a foreign imported product, resulting in major multi-million dollar contracts with the U.S. military.

The Firm also provides a Washington, D.C. presence for corporate clients interested in presenting products and services to the U.S. Government, trade and professional associations and serving as their “Washington D.C. Office.” The Chwat Group has assisted corporate officials in arranging their visits to Congress and the federal government.