Success for Beer Wholesalers

Success for Beer Wholesalers 2017-12-20T17:51:37+00:00

A Long Record of Success for Beer Wholesalers in Selected Projects over Two Decades

  • Instate Military Procurement Market

The Firm Coordinated a Coalition on Alcoholic Beverage Procurement that included, NBWA, WBAE, WSWA, individual beer and wine wholesale  state associations and companies, the National Conference of State Liquor Administrators, National Alcoholic Beverage Control Association and the National Licensed Beverage Association, to require military installations in all fifty states to procure beer, wine and liquor from sources within the state where the installation was located. Congress passed, and the President signed into law, a series of DoD Authorization and Appropriation bill and report language opening up a new market for wholesalers(reported at that time to be in the $210-300M range) with the military. The Coalition reached out to over 30 Governors and other elected officials.

  • Exempting Texas wholesaler vehicles from Federal Rules

During the 100th Congress, the Firm coordinated an in-state Texas coalition of intrastate, not-for-hire, service and delivery trucks and vehicles to exempt their operations from Federal Motor Carrier regulations. The leader of this coalition was the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas(WBDT) and included state associations and companies in the utility industry, and other wholesale operations. At the time the coalition estimated the legislation would save industries impacted over $408M in compliance costs for over 343,000 trucks in the state. The Firm successfully included language in Public Law 100-690 providing for this pre-emption.

  • Reviewing Internal Trade Practices of the Wine Industry

Commissioned by NBWA to undertake a very special research project in support of the direct shipment position of NBWA, the Firm undertook a selected review of wine sales to retailers, direct shipment internal winery research, interviews with owners of key retail/restaurant establishments in selected states and cities on acquisition “problems” with wine products and a wine industry insiders perspective on the issue including preferred customer lists, limiting production, case allocations to selected retailers based on profitability and promotion and the impact on “club” rebates. The Report was presented to NBWA and WBAE.