Case Studies on A Record of Legislative Successes

Case Studies on A Record of Legislative Successes 2018-01-03T18:29:05+00:00

Knowing the right time, the proper way, the best message and who to contact to achieve results is a trademark of John Chwat’s representation of his client’s interests. While some tasks seem impossible to achieve, he has the ability to find ways through the legislative process and grassroots activation to achieve success. Some examples are as follows:

  • $14M Federal Physician Comparability Pay Passes into Law after Delay in the US Senate

The legislation passes the US House at the end of October and was held up in a Senate Committee. It is the end of a Session, December… before the Congress adjourns, John Chwat had been retained by the Federal Physicians Association of 3,000 members to relieve the “log jam” and get the bill to the White House or it “dies” at adjournment. Major groups are identified and secured for support, lobbying the right people at the right time with the right arguments succeeds at the last minute. In six weeks he secures unanimous consent of the Senate to pass the bill and it is signed into Public Law by the President.

  • An 89 year old Defense Department Procurement Policy Changed by Congress

Wholesale distributors of alcohol beverage products could not overcome the millions of dollars in lost sales and access to US military Class Six Stores and exchanges for their products. A coalition of trade associations and state chapters in the industry retained John Chwat with an impossible task-secure Congressional support for changing a DoD policy and require these products to go through wholesalers in the state the base is located, greatly increasing the fees and profits for the industry. In one session of Congress (1 year) he created support from the National Governors Association, many other groups, lobbied the right Committees and included this change on an appropriations bill good for one year. The next year, he secured support again, and made the policy permanent.

  • Created Support for a R&D Duel-Use Defense Program allocated $30M over 15 years

The client wanted to secure Congressional support for a research and development civilian radar project to enhance weather forecasting capabilities. John Chwat marshaled the arguments for the proposed radar system, identified the key Congressional and government leaders to support the program, secured an initial $10M for the project from Congress, and worked to allocate R&D funding included in various appropriations bills for the FAA, NOAA and DoD. The R&D effort has resulted in this radar system being considered to replace the existing weather radar in the next ten years.

Further CASE STUDIES can be provided if requested