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The Chwat Group provides a full complement of staff to serve its clients’ objectives.

Senior staff includes decades of experience on Capitol Hill and in government relations positions. Our professionals guide client interests and interact with elected officials and staff in congress, federal agencies, and other areas.

Support staff includes an assistant to the President and office manager operating day-to-day activities in the firm and research assistants to provide in-depth, up-to-date techniques of gathering information, and writing and presenting issues for clients.

In addition to the permanent staff at The Chwat Group, the firm maintains a network of “specialists” in various professions that are utilized when needed for client objectives. Areas that have occasioned the use of specialists for The Chwat Group recently include an expert in weather futures and weather derivatives, an engineer with special expertise on radar, a CEO of a wine company with knowledge of wholesale and retail alcohol beverage sales, an expert with a prestigious D.C. law firm on Political Action Committee formation, among others.

The firm works in cooperation with law firms, lobby firms, public relations firms, and private corporations when directed by clients to expand its personnel expertise and networking capability.