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The Chwat Group is a well-established government relations firm, situated along the Potomac River in historic Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, near Reagan National Airport. Led by 40+ year Washington DC lobbying veteran, John Chwat, the firm’s professional and support staff provides the highest level of client service. Major advocacy strengths include federal and state government relations, grassroots coalition building and specialized legislative consulting. The Chwat Group has secured millions of dollars for its clients through appropriations earmarks. The Firm’s President, John Chwat, has been on the Washington scene since 1971, has extensive experience with foreign contacts in the People’s Republic of China, and travels regularly to Beijing, PRC.

Services and expertise offered by the firm include:

  • Representation in the U.S. Congress (Lobbying)
  • Serving as a Washington, D.C. Government Relations Office
  • Strategy and Tactics to Solve Legislative Problems
  • Influencing the Appropriations (Funding) Process
  • Influencing the Regulatory Process (Federal Government Relations)
  • Confidential and Customized Research Projects
  • Using Legislation to Achieve Marketshare and Profitability
  • Grassroots/Coalition Building
  • State Government Relations
  • Legislative Troubleshooting, Bill Drafting

Selected areas of client representation:

  • Trade and Professional Associations
  • Electronic Security, CCTV and Access Control Devices
  • Meteorology/Weather Technology
  • Aviation Weather and Radar Research Development
  • Department of Defense and Individual Service Systems Procurement and Acquisition
  • Invasive Species Legislation and Research Funding
  • Oceans and Weather Policy Development/NOAA
  • Telecommunications/RadioTechnology and Policy/Spectrum Allocations and Legislation
  • Higher Education Appropriations/Colleges and Universities/Program Development
  • Security and Homeland Defense
  • Hospitality Industry/Food and Beverage Issues and Legislation
  • Culture/Art/Public Sculpture Placement
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, UK/Shakespeare Educational Programs

Client Testimonials

“John Chwat always rises to the occasion, not only providing rock solid day to day support on Capitol Hill, but also offering strategic guidance that has led to success.” –National Organization with over 500,000 members.

Defense & National Security Legislation

TCG has successfully represented many clients through impacting Congressional legislation on DoD funding of programs, Research, Development, Testing and Engineering (RDT&E), DoD acquisition and procurement policies, duel use programs and changes to specification policies by the Directorate of National Intelligence (DNI).

Association Government Relations

TCG provides state and federal government relations services to multi-billion dollar trade and industry associations, professional groups with membership over 710,000 nationwide, and serves as a Washington,DC office monitoring and influencing Congressional and 50-state legislation, regulations and policies. Successes include passage of legislation into Public Law, presentations before Boards of Directors, networking with Fortune 100 manufacturer and wholesaler companies, coordinating Political Action Committees, and directing Days on Capitol Hill for over 150 attendees.

International Relationship Building

TCG has a unique international clientele and experience providing specialized lectures and meetings throughout Asia the last 15 years on the importance of the US Congress in bilateral relations. Visits with top Ministry and foreign governmental, academic and military officials have included China, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Philippines. Representation of foreign corporations such as WNI, a Japanese weather forecasting and ocean route company, the China Meteorological Administration, Trustees of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Cambridge University in the UK. Well connected to Congressional Committees and leadership in US foreign and economic policies.

Legislative Strategy and Influence

TCG has decades of experience in drafting state and federal legislation, coordinating legislative strategy in state legislatures and in the US Congress, presenting client positions in testimony before public hearings, lobbying federal and state officials on client bills (either for or opposed to legislation) and organizing client meetings with staffs and Members of the legislature and Congress.

Selling to the Government

TCG has assisted companies in their mission to present products, services, and research to the United States Government. With the help of TCG, manufacturer obtained a $900,000 contract for work at one of the Department of Energy Labs, another company secured $2M for a NOAA, Department of Commerce, research project for invasive species aboard tankers. TCG assists large and small businesses through the maze of federal agencies and targets the right people that make decisions on funding and policy–interacting these client missions with Congressional support.


TCG has experience in raising millions of dollars for cultural, museums, foundations and non-profit organizations utilizing connections in the Congress, Embassy and government officials. TCG arranges unique projects that impact donors with historic connections to their clients. Significant monies raised for military groups including the US Army Command and General Staff College Foundation,the Army Historical Foundation, The National Infantry Foundation and other Army and Navy entities. TCG works with Trustees on educational programs, exhibits and placement of public sculpture including the North Courtyard of the State Department, Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC and prominent sites around the world.